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Department of Ancient History and Culture


  • History is no longer a dull or stereotyped subject. The students learn how the archaeological data is collected from the field with help of excavations and explorations, scientifically analyzed and interpreted to plug the gaps in history.
  • There is field training alongside the classroom teaching that brings enthusiasm mixed with adventure among the students.
  • The students learn that the subject is not mere narration of events based on figments of imagination rather based on meticulous documentation, critical evaluation of data and interpretation or logical reconstruction.


The mission is to change the general perception of history as a minor subject in the public mind and highlight the subject as a ‘force multiplier’ or ‘path to accomplishment of greater feats’ in the fields of teaching in all levels, competitive exams (civil services, railway, army, police, etc.), Archaeological Survey of India, State Archaeology Departments, Museums and NGOs


  • The major objective of the Department is to impart education and research in the field of Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology.
  • To make History more authentic and scientific with the help of advanced techniques in Archaeology and Scientific aids such as absolute dating, chemical and biological methods and genetic study.