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Legal Cell

The legal cell of MJPRU is a body which deals with the management of the litigation relating to university in various courts, tendering legal advice regarding matters of chancellor (Raj Bhawan), inquiries, appointments, Right to Information (RTI), Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) and any other matter provided by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.

Setup of the Legal Cell

The organizational setup of the legal cell has two tier body namely -

  • The legal cell at Room No. 19, Administrative Block Building.
  • The branch offices connected with legal cell i.e. RTI cell, IGRS cell, Assistant Registrar (Administration), Assistant Registrar (RTI Online).
  • The nature of duties discharged can be broadly classified into two areas -
    • Advice work
    • Litigation Work

Establishment of Officer Bearers

Legal In-charge

A permanent teacher of Law Department, MJPRU Campus with at least 15 years of teaching and educational administration experience, not below the rank of Associate Professor having good knowledge and caliber of litigation work, shall be nominated by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor as Legal-in-charge of Legal cell. He/she will work on the pleasure of the Vice Chancellor.

Assistant Legal In-charge

An Assistant Professor with at least 10 year’s of teaching and educational administration experience having good knowledge and caliber of litigation work shall be the Assistant Legal In-charge of the cell, whom shall be nominated by the Vice Chancellor.

  • Dealing staff member of IGRS portal (U.P. Govt.) of University will be the member of the legal cell.
  • Dealing staff member of RTI cell shall be the member of the legal cell.
  • Dealing staff member of the Legal cell of University shall be the member of the legal cell.
  • Engaged counsel/advocates of the University in Lower Courts/High Courts/Supreme Court will be ex- officio members of the Legal Cell.

Functions of the Legal Cell

The legal cell has been allocated the following function as per the Vice Chancellor’s power under the U.P. State University Act, 1973 and first statute of MJP Rohilkhand University, 1977 and its amended provisions. The legal cell have following functions :-

  • To Advice Hon’ble Vice Chancellor on legal matters including appointments, seniority, promotions of teachers/employees and others.
  • Interpretation of U.P. State University Act, 1973, First statute of MJPRU, 1977 and its amendments, UGC Act, U.P. Higher Education Ordinance and Statutes, and regulatory bodies i.e. MCI, BCI, AICTE, FCI, NCTE, UPTU, UPHEC, etc.
  • Convincing and engagement of counsel/advocate to appear on behalf of MJPRU in the High Courts and subordinate courts where University is a party in litigation.
  • To Advice Hon’ble Vice Chancellor in matters of Chancellors office (Raj Bhawan) i.e. issues relating to inquiry against any teacher, officer and staff of the University.
  • Litigation relating to seniority among teachers of colleges and university in Courts and Raj Bhawan.
  • The legal cell is also administratively in-charge of the following Acts and Statutes:
    • Right to Information Act, 2005
    • Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) (Jan Sunwai Portal)
    • The litigation work of Civil and Criminal Petitions under Article 32/226 and 136 (SLP) of the Constitution of India, Civil Mise, applications, division bench appeals are dealt by the legal cell with the panel of advocates hired by the university.
    • The matters under Sec. 68-U.P. State University Act, 1973; issues relating to seniority among Dean’s, H.O.D.’s and Principal in Colleges.

Procedure adopted by Legal Cell

Legal In-charge will tender its advice on every concern matter in writing. The pipeline of procedure of matter are here under :

  • Advice/comment/note tender by legal in-charge will be put before registrar of the University. Registrar will send files/documents to the Vice Chancellor for necessary action.
  • For systematic functioning of the legal cell, the In-charge will call meeting of the legal cell officer bearers one in every month. A registrar is to be maintained for the meeting. In each monthly meeting the pendency of cases in High Courts, Lower Courts, Raj Bhawan, RTI, IGRS and other connected issues will be discussed. After completion of meeting duly signed record of pendency of litigation, RTI, IGRS, etc. is to be send to the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor for necessary actions and directions.
  • All office bearers of the legal cell will work under the supervision and authority of the Legal In-charge. He has authority of work allotments among them, functioning and maintenance of legal cell, etc.
  • Legal Cell Committee

    Image Name Designation Mobile No.
    Dr. Amit Singh
    Head & Dean
    Faculty of Legal Studies
    Legal Cell
    Shri Dharmendra Singh Administrative Officer
    Legal Cell
    Shri Dharmendra Kumar Saini Senior Assistant
    Legal Cell
    Shri Tularam Class Fourth Employee
    Legal Cell