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About DIR

Internationalization of higher education develops an open perspective, establishes open channel communication, facilitates understanding, and encourages people to broader their exposure and knowledge. In light of globalization in the 21st century, businesses seek employees with skills that would make them more competitive internationally. Hence the graduates of universities need to be able to interact with people from other cultures & different backgrounds to succeed at the international level. They are required to work with multicultural teams and speak other languages. Universities must prepare their students for such a globalized environment, thus enabling their graduates to be more acceptable and employable in the national and international markets. Internationalization of the campus aims at capacity building of students, young researchers, scientists, and faculty members of universities of developing countries working in the field of Information Technology, Engineering, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Management, Social Sciences, Education, Law, Economics, History, and Arts to make a bond between MJP Rohilkhand University (MJPRU) and universities of other countries. The initiatives mentioned in National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will also help a larger number of international students studying in India and provide greater mobility to students in India who may wish to visit, study, or conduct research at institutions abroad and vice-versa. Courses and programs in different subjects, internationally relevant curriculum in sciences, social sciences, and beyond, meaningful opportunities for social engagement, quality residential facilities, and on-campus support, etc., will be fostered to attain this goal of global quality standards and attract a greater number of international students. MJPRU will be promoted as a global study destination providing affordable education, helping restore India's role as a Vishwa Guru. Directorate at MJPRU will coordinate all matters relating to welcoming and supporting students arriving from abroad. Research/teaching collaborations and faculty/student exchange with high-quality foreign institutions will be facilitated, and a relevant mutually beneficial Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with foreign countries will be signed. Furthermore, research collaborations and student exchange between MJPRU and global institutions will be promoted through extraordinary efforts. In view of the implementation of Internationalization, NEP 2020 and attaining the goal of global quality standards raise the necessity to establish the directorate of international relations at MJPRU. The MJPRU, Bareilly, will be partnered with leading universities/institutions of developing countries to launch its different international joint programs. Official authorities of both universities will sign the MoU formalizing a mutual goal to build diverse and sustainable partnerships. The directorate of international student relations will pave the way for students and academics to partner on projects addressing some of the most critical issues affecting India and global communities. Being open to all disciplines will enable students to gain a global qualification from both universities/ institutions. The collaborations will involve strong industry linkages, colleges, universities, and national and international repute research institutes. It will help in developing people-to-people links. The prominent research institutes, industries, and colleges around MJPRU will be approached to join as associate and industry partners so MJPRU can continue to expand internationally relevant research in diverse fields. With generous opportunities, MJPRU will enable students from India and other developing countries to take advantage of worldclass facilities and resources to gain exposure to culturally diverse research and academic networks. We want to make MJPRU a key player in higher education internationally, and we are committed to building a strong culture of collaboration with one of the best institutions globally.