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Proctorial Board

Dr. A.K. Singh Chief Proctor 9412148788

Proctors :

1 Dr. Shashi Bhooshan Tiwari Pharmacy (IET) 7987905189
2 Dr. Vishal Saxena ME (IET) 9457113429
3 Dr. Iram Naim CSIT (IET) 9720108286
4 Dr. Atul Katiyar EE (IET) 9759887799
5 Dr. Janak Kapoor EC (IET) 9456469793
6 Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh CH (IET) 9412738873
7 Dr. Ashish Kumar Jain EI (IET) 7906934651
8 Dr. Deepak Gangwar Basic Science (IET) 9718508870
9 Dr. Ajeet Singh Hotel Management / Sports 8218923996
10 Dr. Rashmi Ranjan MSW / Clinical Psychology / MC&EJ / PGDCA / Boys Hostel / Philosophy 8298574404
11 Dr. Neeraj Kumar B.Ed./ M.Ed. / Boys Hostel / Sports 9536950950
12 Dr. Rambabu Singh Education Building / Canteen / Admin Building / Sports 8006777222
13 Dr. Vimal Kumar Education Building / Canteen / Admin Building 8979734049
14 Dr. Yatendra Kumar Administrative Building / University Campus / IET 9412510763
15 Dr. Amit Singh Law, Adult Education 9415796063
16 Dr. Ruchi Dwivedi Economics/ English / Campus Girls 7052727133
17 Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh History / Boys Hostel 9451195178
18 Dr. Meenakshi Dwivedi Girls Hostel / Campus Girls 7505188263
19 Dr. Abha Trivedi Plant / Animal Science / Microbiology / Campus Girls 7985634612
20 Dr. Saurabh Verma MBA 7017064558

Digital I-Card

Key benefits of implementing Secure QR Codes on ID cards include:

  • Enhanced security: Secure QR Codes embed a digital signature and encrypted data directly onto ID cards, ensuring the information is tamper-proof and easily verifiable. This helps combat fraud and protect the integrity of personal identification.
  • Streamlined verification: Scanning the Secure QR Code with a smartphone or compatible device allows for quick and easy verification of an ID card’s authenticity. This speeds up the verification process and reduces the potential for human error.
  • Improved privacy: Secure QR Codes safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of personal information by only allowing authorized parties to access and verify the encrypted data, with consent.

Vehicle Pass

Key benefits of implementing Secure QR Codes on Vehicle Pass include:

  • Vehicle Pass is evidence that the vehicle is safe to be driven in University Campus.
  • To Confirm the Authenticity of Vehicle.
  • To Stop Unnecessary Entry of Extra Vehicle in University Campus.

Guidelines for Student's Code of Conduct

Student Decipline Rule