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Departmental Achievements

The Faculty members of the Department have achieved recognition in India and abroad for their valuable contribution to the field of History and Archaeology. The publications include research papers, authored and edited books, proceedings of conferences organized by the department, research monographs and photo album concerning history of Bareilly, souvenirs and catalogues. There are two museum catalogues published by the department; one contains articles on the history and culture of the region and the second has photographs of the valuable antiquities collected time to time from the field as well as donated by the people to the Panchala Museum.

The Department has successfully organized a number of National and International conferences; two highly reputed National conferences are Joint Annual Archaeological Conference and Indian History Congress. Other academic events hosted by the Department include two international conferences of Indian Society for Greek and Roman Studies (ISGARS), two International seminars of Forum for Indo-Iranian Studies (FIIRST), three sessions of U.P. History Congress and several ICHR sponsored National Seminars. Apart from these, the department regularly organizes memorial and endowment lectures. About nine lectures have been delivered by various scholars.

The Department has been head quarter of three highly acclaimed journals. The first journal is ‘Yavanika’, the only journal of its genre in India in the field of Graeco-Roman history is being edited by Prof. U.P. Arora. The second journal ‘Aitihya’ (Journal of History, Culture and Archaeology) is successfully being published for past seven years under the aegis of Prof. A.K. Sinha (editor). The third journal ‘Mithra’ (Journal of Indo-Iranian Studies) is being published by the Indo-Iranian Studies Centre and is being edited by Prof. A.K. Singh.

The department has signed MOU with Greek and Iranian institutions for collaboration and faculty exchange programs. The faculty members and students regularly visit different Institutions in Greece and Iran.

For its valuable contribution to the field of Ancient History and Archaeology, the Department was conferred “Centre of Excellence” by the Uttar Pradesh State Government in 2008-09. With the funding of which, the Departmental library was developed to the present form. The Centre of Excellence Award of U.P. Government was again conferred upon the Department in 2013-14 for development of the Panchal Museum.

Professor Abhay Kumar Singh was awarded the prestigious Indian History Congress Best Paper Prize (2004) and Prof. I.G. Khan Prize of the Indian History Congress (2006) for two different research papers.

Professor Shyam Bihari Lal has been elected as Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Uttar Pradesh from 122-Faridpur constituency, Bareilly in 2018. He has been a member of Executive Committee of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

International Honor and Awards:

  • Prof. Udai Prakash Arora was conferred ‘Golden Cross of Order’ highest civilian award of Greece by the President of Greece.
  • Prof. S.B. Lal was awarded IKY (State Scholarship Foundation of Greece) to visit Greece for six months and collect material for research from various libraries.
  • World Prize for the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran was conferred by the President of Iran in 2006 for the book "Dialogues between Culture: India and Iran" edited by Atul Kumar Sinha and Abhay Kumar Singh.
  • Prof. Singh was again felicitated with a Citation Plaque by the Vice President of Iran in May 2008.
  • Prof. Singh was appointed as Director, India Cultural House, Indian Embassy, Tehran, Iran for three years from 2018-21.
  • Prof. Singh is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society, (British Museum, London) and Secretary of the Fora for Indo-Iranian Studies (FIIRST).