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Vision, Mission and Objectives of the University


The Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University strives to be internationally acclaimed University, recognized for excellence in teaching, research and innovation rooted in the value system and working towards building an intellectual infrastructure, provide the highest quality education to students, nurture their talent, promote intellectual growth and shape their personal development; remain dedicated and serve humanity through the creation of well-rounded, multi-skilled and socially responsible global citizens.


Apart from being both a producer, preserver, and propagator of knowledge and an embodiment of global knowledge systems, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University aims, as its mission, at providing multidimensional quality education – theoretical, experimental, experiential, and practical; classical, modern, and transitional; ethical, aesthetical, value-based, and humanitarian; exogenous, indigenous, and eternal; techno-scientific, socio-moralist, and logical-rationalist; artistic, humanistic, and linguistics etc. – of comparably high standards to all the sections of the society in a reasonably inclusive manner and at an affordable-to-all cost structure and, thereby, aspires to be the new age catalyst of the accelerated transformation and progress in the geo-social space under its jurisdiction and a valued partner in the journey of the nation on the path of the enlightened progress.

For the actualization of the above-mentioned mission-ideals MJPRU prefers the following set of action-oriented objectives and takes a passionate pledge unto itself to pursue the same henceforth.


  • To develop, preserve, and augment one of the best pedagogical infrastructure – teaching campuses, libraries, laboratories, IT enabling set-ups, sports stadia and grounds, and state of the art curricular and co-curricular auxiliaries etc. – across the institutional community of the University;
  • To employ, amass, and enrich the best minds in possession of the best academic and pedagogical skills and expertise as faculty and trainee-faculty, give them a duly supportive working environment, and help them be the exemplars in the fields concerned;
  • To significantly accelerate the gross enrolment ratio in higher education by way of bringing quality education at affordable costs to the doorstep of, as well as by motivating, all the eligible young boys and girls to enter the wonderful world of higher educational opportunities and, thereby, aspire for the unprecedented enlightenment and ascent;
  • To confer, by way of laying long a vast range of courses and subject streams all around, the ‘freedom to choose’, out of a wider basket, on the student community endowed within and outside the territorial area of the University;
  • To strive hard to augment, enrich, and consolidate the conventional income and revenue streams as well as to rope in the larger society to tap the required resources in the form of, say, the social pay-backs, philanthropy, endowments, institutional support, transnational funding, corporate social responsibility dole-outs, consultancy fee, patent licences, product design, and innovation etc. etc., so as to cut short the individual burden of costs and make higher education easily affordable to all, especially the ones on the lower ladder of the affordability;
  • To run apace the world community in all aspects co-incidental to the field of higher education as well as domestically to stay ahead of the contemporary and fellow institutions; and
  • To remain inspired in letter and spirit by National Education Policy, 2020 and, accordingly, keep prepared for the adjustments necessary for the mandated policy shift.