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Research Activities

Publications /Academic Activities
Books & Monographs (Single Author) 21 Research Papers Published in International Journals 11 Papers Presented in Seminars/ Conferences 132(150) Seminars/ Conferences Organized 21 Research Projects (Completed) 01
Books (Edited) 33 Research Papers Published in Other Journals 59(80) Seminar/ Conferences Attended 140 Workshops Organized 21 Research Projects (Ongoing) 09
Books (Review) 08 Articles Published in Popular For a, e.g., 12(30) Sessions Chaired in Seminars/ Conferences 21 Membership of Academic/ Professional Bodies 12 Foreign Countries Visited for Academic Assignments 08
Chapters in Edited Books 25 Websites, Blogs, Newspapers, Magazines etc Resource Lectures Delivered 16(32) Research Project (Completed) 01 -- --