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Department of Applied Mathematics


The vision of Applied Mathematics Department is to recognize its academic excellence at international level by producing intellectuals, excellent academic leaders and researchers in the field of Mathematics as well as to be locally relevent through its role in the development of the community.


The mission of Department of Applied Mathematics is to establish a suitable platform for higher learning in Mathematics. This is in addition to its starting objective of providing Mathematical input to technical education only. The main emphasis in both the cases is to impart functional knowledge which not only motivates students towards academic excellence but also preparing them for giving back to society in economic, social, cultural and intellectual dimensions, conventional and innovative teaching methods.


  • To build an atmosphere that motivates students and supports their efforts.
  • To evolve qualified intellectuals who possess greater insight and research skills in the field of Mathematics.
  • To motivate the participation in seminars, workshops, Faculty Development Programmes and to encourage follow up of modern scientific research and techniques in Mathematics.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary research with other fields like Biology, Physics, Statistics, different branches of engineering etc.
  • To stimulate the independent research and analytical logical abilities of the students along with research-based developments in teaching and reform efforts in education reform.
  • To employ the varied expertise of faculty, both within the departmental and in collaborative efforts with departments of other institutes & universities and to develop a professional bond in order to strengthen the overall standard of the department.