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Department of Applied Mathematics

The Department of Applied Mathematics is an important and integral part of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, became into existence with the establishment of the Faculty in 1995 catering the need of Mathematics courses of B. Tech. students. Later on, with the increasing demand and need, the department started M.Sc. in Mathematics with an intake of 30 students. Over time, with the development of the department, the intake in M.Sc. has increased to 50 and department also offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mathematics.

The faculty members of the department have numerous national and international research articles published in refereed journals and chapters in edited books. The thrust areas of the research in the department are Fluid Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics and Mathematical Biology. At present, the department has 04 research scholars which have their research topics from the field of Fluid Dynamics and its sub-disciplines.

The department has its own library, seminar hall and computer lab. The computer lab of the department is equipped with high speed internet provided by the university. The library of the university has access to various online journals catering the needs of researchers. The department motivates students to participate in national and international competitions, workshops and training programmes. Some of the students of the department pursuing M. Sc. course are receiving fellowship under INSPIRE. The students of the department have also been selected in MTTS (Mathematics Training and Talent Search), NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics), TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) etc. Thus the department of Applied Mathematics is in close contact with activities & research taking place all around the world.