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Department of Applied Chemistry


Pedagogy, assesment strategy and course content have been developed keeping in view to producing professionals for serving the society. We aim at not only providing profound knowledge of chemistry but also promote curiosity for the process of investigation among students.


We want to develop world class talents. We want to create generations who have solid foundation in modern chemistry and who have immense knowledge to become researchers and have their own creativity and passion for innovation in drug designing and synthesis of other molecules of utility for human welfare.


The Department always take interest in providing high class standard teaching in theory as well practical classes for both B.Tech. and M.Sc. students with recent knowledge. On completion of their M.Sc. our students will have strong knowledge of Physical, Organic, Inorganic, Spectroscopic, Medicinal chemistry, Green chemistry etc. Faculty provides high Quality of Education in Chemistry and allied areas to prepare intellectuals in Engineering, M.Sc. and Ph.D. Our Ph.D students publish high quality research papers in standard national/international journals.