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Department of Applied Chemistry

The subject chemistry, needless to say is one of the most versatile subjects acknowledged as an important component in almost all the areas of Sciences, Engineering and Technology. A sound knowledge of chemistry forms the basis of Pharmaceutical/ Technical education as well as Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

Out of the various areas of chemistry, organic chemistry has provided an important tool to the researchers to design and develop pharmaceutical agents acting as drugs to combat various diseases. On the other hand it has allowed to make applications in our day to day life by enabling to produce various polymeric products eg. nylon, polyesters, elastomers etc. It has also enabled to modify the properties of natural fibres to make it useful eg. various cellulose derivatives, natural rubber etc.

Having such a wide range of applicability, the sound knowledge of basic chemistry is absolutely essential and that prompted us to make a proposal for imparting basic education in organic chemistry by assisting in the university to initiate M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry whose name has now been changed to M. Sc. Chemistry to sort out the problems of students related to word “Applied” in degrees and Marksheets.

The department has its own building having state of art infrastructure. The department has furnished class rooms and five research labs apart from UG/PG labs. The department has various major Equipment like FTIR/Double beam UV-visible spectrophotometer/ Ice flaking machine/Flash chromatography equipment etc. to support the ongoing research programs of the department. The faculty members are engaged in performing quality research that is evidenced by various publications in national/international journals of repute. Many Ph.D. students have already been awarded Ph.D. degree and many others are working for their Ph.D. degree. Many of the Pass out students are well placed in industry/academic/ Government service/public sector.