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Research Project Granted

S. No P.I. Research Project Granted by Duration
01 Prof. Sanjay Kumar Garg ,
Prof. J.N. Maurya &
Dr. Alok Srivastava
Development of strategies for Arsenic and other heavy metals phytoremediation . U.P State Government 2019-2022
02 Prof. A.K. Jaitely Mycoremediation of heavy metals from soil and water system of Bareilly U.P State Government 2018-2021
03 Prof. A.K. Jaitely Production of Hyperxylolytic Microbial Strain by Protoplast Fusion from Agro-Waste and their role in Waste Management Technology UPCST 2018-2021
04 Dr. Lalit Kumar Pandey Evaluating The Potential Of Diatoms As A Tool For Biomonitoring, Bioremediation And Biofuel Production UGC 2019-2021
05 Dr. Lalit Kumar Pandey Exploring Newer Diatom Metrics For Assessing The Integrity Of Fluvial Ecosystem SERB-SRG 2020-2022
06 Dr. Alok Srivastava Bacteria Mediated Biodegradation Of Heavy Metals Research & Development Project Up Govt 2021-2024
07 Prof. J.N. Maurya Influence of Exogenous Plant growth Regulators on Growth and Antioxidant Defense System of Stevis (Stevia rebaudiana) Grown under Sewage Water Irrigation. Research & Development Project Up Govt 2021-2024
08 Prof. Sanjay Kumar Garg To Establish And Cultivation Of Euryale Ferox Salisb. (Makhana) In Bareilly Research & Development Project Up Govt 2021-2024