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Department of Plant Sciences


The department has aspiration to develop a knowledge center of plant science to enrich, enhance and improve the potential of students and making them capable to apply their skilled botanical knowledge for social development.


  • To inculcate knowledge in students through quality education and innovative research.
  • To make students highly skilled, scholarly and socially concerned plant scientists.
  • To establish association with national and international organizations for the betterment of the students.
  • To build the students with scientific temperament and environmental awareness.
  • To make significant contribution towards the understanding the plant process for fulfilling the society’s need.


  • To produce qualified post graduate and Ph. D. students in the field of plant sciences that could serve in good academic and research institutions.
  • To introduce students to new dimension of plant sciences and encouraging them to carry on higher education by competing with the mainstream students.
  • To provide hands on experience on the basic equipment to enhance students’ skills.
  • To offer generic electives to non-departmental students to better their understanding of science and plant science (i.e., Computer science and Philosophy of science; Plant Diversity and Human Welfare).
  • To collaborate with National and International research organization for enhancing research quality.
  • To offer consultancy services to farmers as well as industries to get the clean environment of the city.