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Research Project

S. No P.I. Research Project Granted by Duration/Period
01 Prof. P.B. Singh Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Durable Products UGC, New Delhi 1 Year (1995-96)
02 Prof.Sanjay Mishra Case Writing Project On CSR AICTE-UNDP-CII-MDI 1 Year (2003-04)
03 Prof. P.B. Singh Advertising And Brand Promotion Of Detergents UGC, New Delhi 1 Year (2003-04)
04 Prof.Sanjay Mishra A Study Of CSR Practices Of Important Indutrial Organizations Operating In Bareilly And Nearby Regions Centre Of Excellence (U.P.Govt.) 2 Years (2015-17)
05 Prof. P.B. Singh Tourism Centre Of Excellence (U.P.Govt.) 1 Year (2019-20)