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Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension


Our Vision is to make the department a centre of excellence in adult learning and education, develop and provide a robust environment for the purpose, introduce and maintain world-class teaching and learning experiences, and attract learners from the community in large numbers. We strive to explore best possible options for training and development.


Our Mission is to contribute productively to the upliftment of the society by bringing out the best in adult learning environment, generate employment opportunities, produce high quality research, develop new social programs, bridge the gap in gender disparity, and enhance the relevance of adult education and learning for the society.


  • To Focus on adult learning and education as an important element of lifelong learning.
  • To Work towards bringing awareness among people on important societal issues relating to adult literacy, skill improvement activities, population education, health and hygiene, status of women and gender equality, etc.
  • To Contribute to the progressive and development agenda of the country by highlighting the need for adult learning and education.
  • To Develop teaching tools and aids for adult learning.
  • To Publish scholarly work in order to disseminate information among the community.
  • To Strengthen the marginalized sections of the society in order to transform them into agents of social change.