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The Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension provides amenities and facilities adapted to the needs and expectations of each student with an emphasis on the great atmosphere and facilities advance. Department has its own building surrounded by lush greenery and vegetation which in turns has results in create a serene and positive ambience.

The department infrastructure also contains lecture rooms and theatres for extension activities. All the teachers have their office, besides ministerial office. It has modern gadgets such as computer, Printers, Overhead Projector, Megaphone, T.V., DVD player, LCD and display boards other equipments necessary for teaching and extension programmes. A departmental library caters to the need of students of women studies and Rural Development.

It needs no mention that a Library plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the students, development of educational institutions and in the expansion of knowledge system. The Department has a very rich seminar library which has 1077 books, 03 magazines 02 journals to enhance the knowledge of students within the campus.

Moreover, the Department keeps on enhancing its infrastructure and resources to keep pace with the increasing strength of students. It has also spacious air-conditioned office room and proper drinking water within the department. In order to maintain hygiene and cleanliness it also has separate toilet facility for male and female students as well as teachers and staff members.