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About the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is a subject which gives artistry to human effort and Mechanical Engineering is a branch which plays efficient role in that. A Mechanical Engineer has to design develop, operate and maintain the equipment’s in an industry, be it any production unit viz an automobile manufacturing unit, a power or steel plant, hardware or software companies and even the defence, nuclear / space establishment etc.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1996, with the aim of providing quality education in the field of Engineering and Technology. The Institute is a constituent part of the M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.

The Institute is running a four-year regular B. Tech course in Mechanical Engineering. This program provides a broad-based education with a concentration on fundamentals and basic laws as the major tools required for the professional practice in the field of mechanical engineering. Graduates are expected to have the ability to work professionally, as individuals and in teams, in both the thermal and mechanical systems areas, including the design, manufacture and control of such systems. Moreover, they are expected to understand the ethical, legal, and societal implications of their work, as per the design of syllabus.

The department offers B.Tech. Degree programs, with over 360 undergraduate students on roll. The department has over 15 instructional and research laboratories, equipped with some of the state-of-the-art scientific instruments and systems.

The department strives to generate high quality graduates through rigorous coursework and cutting-edge research activities. The students in the department are exposed to the problems faced by today’s societies, and are trained to address those problems through innovative thinking to develop appropriate technological solutions. The faculty members of the department drive these activities through their teaching and diverse research programs, covering numerous facets of Mechanical Engineering Science and Applications. In addition to the regular academic work, the students of the department are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities.

The department has evolved over time to keep up with the ever-increasing challenges in technology development, while maintaining a strong base in the fundamental aspects of Mechanical Engineering. While much of today’s research in Mechanical Engineering is of interdisciplinary nature requiring knowledge from numerous other science and engineering disciplines, the research work of the faculty members of the department is categorized into three broad streams: Thermal and Fluids Engineering, Design Engineering, and Manufacturing Engineering.