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Centre of Excellence for Women Studies


Rohilkhand is one of the regions in which women are not at an advantageous position. It's imperative for the growth and advancement of a region that the women should be brought to the fore by tapping their hidden talent. However, it is again important to have women centric research and studies in order to strengthen and empower the women in Rohilkhand region. Centre of Excellence for Women Studies at MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly shall seek to fill the gender gap existing in the society.


Centre of Excellence for Women Studies at MJP Rohilkhand University shall be committed to integrate scholarly vision, skill development, professional and vocational training, women health and hygiene, safety and security, legal literacy and awareness, leadership skills etc to deal with real life situations for the well- being of women locally and globally. The mission is to equip them with abilities such as communication, vocational, entrepreneur, professional, management, leadership and administrative skills etc. The centre will also focus upon entrepreneurship and skill development for the women.


• To generate new knowledge in viable form in local and global perspectives.
• To undertakeand promote researches in gender studies andwomen empowerment.
• To collaborate with local, State andcentral government, academic institutions, NGO, grass- root organizations for activities related to development of women.
• To provide advisory and consultancy services on gender issues.
• To organize training programs and workshops for teachers and students, local governing bodies, administrators,Aanganwadi workers, Asha workers, Self Help Group and other grass root workers, and members of women's organizations.