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List of Major Goods & Services Procured Under TEQIP-III

Minor Civil Works

Sr. No. Item Name Department/Institute
01 Industrial Engineering lab ME
02 Smart classrooms CH, CSIT,EC,EE,EI,ME

Equipments & Learning Resources

Sr. No. Item Name Department/Institute
01 Laser colour printer, Fingerprint scanner, Scanner, Webcam EC
02 Steplize ME
03 Desktop for Workstation Institute level
04 Computers System Institute level
05 UPS Offline-1 Institute level
06 Desktops for Humanity Department Humanity Department
07 Colour Printer ( Multi Function ) Institute level
08 Interactive Video Conference Complete Institute level
09 UPS Cum Inverter Institute level
10 Smart Class Rooms Digital Teaching Device, DTD Cabinet,All-In-One HD Touch Led,INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS,IR BOARDS,AIR MOUSE, PROJECTORS Camera CH, CSIT,EC,EE,EI,ME
11 Photostat Machine TEQIP Cell and EE
12 Desktops For IE Lab ME
13 Computers For NI Lab VIEW NI Lab
14 Interactive Projector For All Classes Institute level
15 UPS Offline-2 Institute level
16 Hyperspectral Image Camera, FLIR-T420 Imaging Camera EC
17 Aerial camera system, Satellite Data and Images, NDVI Equipment, Yield Monitoring System EC
18 Radar Water Level Sensor, GIS Hardware & Software, IR Camera System, Satellite Image Processing , Medical Image Processing EC
19 Laser Cut Engraving Machine ME
20 Computer Systems Institute level
21 Basic Electrical Lab Equipments EE
22 PRECISION BALANCE, Heating Mantel (1 Lit), Hot Plates, Viscometer CH
23 Computers System Institute level
24 Photocopy Machince Institute level
25 NI Lab-VIEW Central Lab NI Lab (Common Sharing by EC, EE, EI and ME)
26 Microsoft Windows Required For Computer Systems Institute level
27 COMSOL Multiphysics software ME
28 Typhoon ( HIL-402 ) EE
29 Laser Printer For Departments Institute level
30 Whiteboard for Classrooms Institute level
31 Spectrophotometer Chemistry Department
32 Photocopy Machine Required For T&P Cell T&P Cell


Sr. No. Item Name Department/Institute
01 NPIU GATE Services NPIU GATE Services
02 NPIU Governed Employability Skill NPIU GATE Services


Sr. No. Item Name Department/Institute
01 Executive Chairs For Committee Room Institute level
02 Desks & Chairs for Smart Classrooms Institute level
03 Bookshelves for Different Department Institute level
04 File Cabinet for Heads Institute level
05 Computer Tables and computer Chairs Institute level
06 Executive Tables & Executive Chairs for Teachers Institute level
07 Bookshelves for Departmental Libraries Institute level