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Departmental Achievements

The Department of pharmacy has made countless achievements including the following major highlights:

  • Dr. Shashi Bhooshan Tiwari published a chapter in Emerging Trends in Nanotechnology book in 2021 on the topic of Nanomaterials for Pharmaceutical Applications published by Springer .
  • Dr. Shiv Dev Singh has done an AICTE Modrobs Project.
  • Community Health Social Work Field Practicum Program has increased partnerships with social services agencies and other medical colleges.
  • Patents Published regarding:
    • Gastro Retentive Formulation With Carboxymethylated Gum Sterculia.
    • Derivatives Hydroxy Methyl Coumarin.
  • Seminar on intrepretation of NMR values.
  • Seminar on synthesis and therapeutical adavantages of liposomes.
  • Seminar on lifestyle and hyperlipidimia and The treatment with anti hyper lipidmics.
  • Seminar on polymers and their role in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Seminar on nanoparticle and their synthesis methods.
  • Seminar on microbeads and their synthesis methods.
  • Seminar on antienxiety drug and their mechanisms of action.