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Department Achievements

Organized two National seminars, one National Conference and one Workshop for a week, details are as follows:

1. Two days National Seminar on “CLIMATE CHANGE, ENVIRONMENT AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT”, held on 7th-8th February, 2014, funded by World Bank Project TEQIP-I.

2. Two days National seminar on ‘Make in India: Youth & Skill Development’, held on 18-19 April, 2016 Sponsored by- World Bank under Project TEQUIP-II, Organized by-Department of Humanities (Economics) in an association with IL & FS, New Delhi.

3. Two days National conference on “Skill Development in India: Challenges & Opportunities”, held on 4-5 FEBRUARY, 2019, Sponsored by- World Bank under Project TEQUIP-III.

4. One week Faculty Development Programme on “COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR CHANGE MANAGEMENT IN CLASSROOMS”, held on 18-23 November 2013.