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Research Project

S. No P.I. Research Project Granted by Duration
01 Dr. D.D. Sharma Development Of Intelligent Energy System In the Building (Established Remote Monitoring Of Solar Power System) MHRD,TEQIP-III 2019-21
02 Dr. Prabhu Omer(PI), Dr. D.D. Sharma (Co-PI) Solar PV Integration With Hybrid Multilevel Inverter For Efficient Standalone System MHRD,TEQIP-III 2019-21
03 Rohit Kumar Verma (PI), Dr. D.D. Sharma (Co-PI) Development Of Advanced Compact Sized EMI Filter MHRD,TEQIP-III 2019-21
04 Dr. Sulabh Sachan (PI), Dr. S.N. Singh(CO-PI, Prof. IIT Kanpur) Stochastic Charging Of Electric Vehicles In Distribution Grid MHRD,NPIU 2019-21
05 Dr. D.D. Sharma Smart Grid Management System Against Cyber Vulnerabilities TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION HUB, UNDER NMICPS, DST, NEW DELHI IN COLLABORATION WITH IIT ROORKEE 2020-24
06 Dr. Sulabh Sachan (PI) Different Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicle TEQIP-III / World Bank 2019-21