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Faculty of Legal Studies


To prepare outstanding law scholar, lawyers and legally trained professionals to serve their local, national, and global communities with excellence, integrity, and professionalism; and strives to contribute to the development of the law and a more just society.


It has a multi-faced mission :

  • to provide an outstanding legal education for future leaders in our society by combining innovative teaching approaches with individualized and focused attention in a Socio-Legal and collaborative learning environment.
  • to contribute in the development of a more diverse legal profession, Advocate, Teachers, Researcher and to foster the principles of equality and justice in society with dedication to advance human dignity, social welfare and justice through knowledge of law.
  • to provide extension services to rural society, industry professionals, institutions of research and higher learning in the field of Law and corresponding area.


It has diverse objective :

  • to disseminate the knowledge of law and research with a view to ensure its role in social and national advancement.
  • to develop in students and research scholars a sense of responsibility to serve the society by developing skills in teaching , advocacy, judicial and other legal services.
  • to prepare scholar and lawyers of future for dealing legal issues at national and international level by developing legal skills in core areas such as Jurisprudence ,Constitutional Laws Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Laws, Judicial Process ,Human Rights and Media Laws.
  • to increase legal awareness in the society and further the cause of social justice by providing legal aid to the underprivileged sections of the society at entire University Jurisdiction.