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Faculty of Education & Allied Sciences

Prof. Sumitra Kukreti

Dean, Faculty of Education & Allied Sciences
 Phone 0581-2528106

Dean Message

Covid-19 crisis has given a chance to teachers across the country to test and challenge their ability to incorporate innovative techniques and technology in the teaching-learning process. Teachers bear the responsibility to create a certain learning environment to provide lifelong learning to young minds. They can influence and develop curiosity among learners to seek and explore the answers to their problems. The National Education Policy 2020 encouraged by quoting, 'Teachers truly shape our children's future – and, therefore, the future of our nation' thereby implying that teachers play the most crucial role in nation-building by creating a high quality of human resources in their classrooms.' N.E.P. 2020 recognized the value of teachers and proposes several systemic reforms that would help teaching to emerge as a profession of choice and attract competent teachers for the future.