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Well-proud of enticing and enrolling, in the Art and Science of the Knowledge, more than half-a-million young-brains, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (MJPRU) is one of the major provincial-universities enjoying the dual character of affiliating and campus jurisdictions in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a vibrantly experienced, enthusiastic, and energetic quadragenarian sanctuary of higher education under the legislative control of the state government and deriving, as well, its jurisdictional and academic autonomy from the UP Universities Act, 1973. Viewed in terms of the historical development of universities in pre and post-colonial India it is a generation three university, the universities of the second half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century (i.e. those established in between 1857 and 1947) being, to say, the generation first and second in that order.

With a territorial jurisdiction over nine districts of Western Uttar Pradesh stretching to 31,287 square kilometres and sheltering more than thirty million population – (2,74,35,583 as per census, 2011) – MJPRU is country size educational institution both area and population wise. Geographically, being bigger than, for instance, Belgium, Lesotho, Armenia, Albania, Israel, Fiji, Kuwait etc. etc., it could boast of possessing a (hypothetical country area) rank of 140 leaving behind 95 out of 234 countries of the world. Also, demographically, MJPRU territory populates a numerical size, leaving behind about a hundred other nations, metaphorically, equating Mozambique, Yemen, Cameroon etc. and well surpassing the likes of North Korea, Australia, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka etc. In terms of domestic statistics, MJPRU territorial jurisdiction makes a pie of almost one per cent of the country-area and more than two per cent of India’s population; the figures becoming a wholesome thirteen per cent of the area as well as of the population of Uttar Pradesh.

Apart from its administrative headquarter which is well laid-out to accommodate all the required – bot the necessary and desirable ones – facilities like a gigantic administrative block, teaching-infrastructure, library and laboratory structures, auxiliary facilities, and a residential area as well, MJPRU is currently (academic session 2022-23) maintaining Campus Faculties and Departments and exercising its jurisdiction over 587 affiliated colleges that prepare the students for graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral degree courses, as well as for many certificate and diploma programmes, in various fields of study and major subjects. it is a truly multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary university by virtue of having almost all of the major, and minor as well, streams of global knowledge, subjects, disciplines, and courses or programmes either on its Campus or on the premises of the colleges affiliated to it.

It is remarkable to note that MJPRU enrolled a massive amount of students and scholars figuring, for instance, to 5,56,876 during the academic session 2022-23 only. Out of this total student-population of 5,56,876 the Campus-Departments of the university hosted 5,529 brilliant enrolments (ten per cent of the total) under different subject streams at post-graduate, under-graduate, and diploma level courses, the sub-divisions being 1,931 PG, 3,580 UG, and 18 diploma students; whereas the colleges affiliated to the university taught and trained a noticeable total of 5,51,347 young minds (a whopping ninety per cent of the total student-population), branched into several Faculties and numerous subjects, inter alia, ranging from social sciences, liberal arts, law, languages, commerce, and management to physical and live sciences, engineering and technology, and medical and allied sciences, the course-level segmentation yielding 87,216; 4,63,816; and 315 student-enrolments under the post-graduate, under-graduate, and diploma level courses, respectively. Moreover, as an integral part of its teaching and research activities, scholars have so far been awarded Ph.D. degree in the concerned subjects while research-scholars spread across different departments and colleges are actively pursuing the research work related to the same.