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Infrastructure & Facilities

The Department of Applied Mathematics is a part of Basic Science Building of the University. The Department of Applied Mathematics shares a block of this building.
The department has a seminar room equipped with projector with ICT. The department also has committee room working as mini-departmental library. Apart from that, the Department has 08 rooms for faculty members of the department including one for the Head of the Department. It has an office room and an examination control room.
The Department also has a store room. The department has 03 classrooms where students take their scheduled lectures.

Rooms Numbers Seating Capacity
Classroom = 03 = 150 Click Here
Seminar Hall = 01 = 50 Click Here
Research Lab = 01 = 10 Click Here
Head Chamber = 01 = 01 Click Here
Faculty/Staff Room = 08 = 16 Click Here
Office = 01 = 04 Click Here
Library = 01 = 20 Click Here