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About The Department of Regional Economics

The department of economics has been very instrumental in promoting the understanding of socio-economic issues of the country and in the region under the jurisdiction of the university. It is a pioneering centre of research and also provides academic leadership to the affiliated colleges of the university. The students of the department have made their marks in the academic field also by occupying prominent positions in schools, colleges and pursuing research in reputed institutions. Many departmental students have occupied prominent positions in different sector. They are working in some of the leading Government Organisations, Banks, Information Technology Sector, Economic Research Organizations and NGOs etc.


The Department of Economics is one of the foundation departments of the university. It came into existence in 1985 when the university was transformed from an affiliating one into a residential cum affiliating university.

Late Professor R. K. Sinha was the founder Professor and Head of the Department. He was a well-known economist and one of the close friends of Professor Man Mohan Singh, the former Prime Minister of India. Professor Sinha was Secretary of Indian Economic Association for three terms. He had authored more than a hundred books and scores of research papers of academic repute.

Professor M. Idris Siddiqui, who has emigrated to and attained the citizenship of Canada by now, was a pioneer academician and researcher. More than anything else, he was the most eloquent speaker and a model teacher worth emulation. He authored books on very crucial aspects of women and child labour. Currently, after his voluntary retirement, Professor Siddiqui is passionately busy with writing novels, stories, and science fiction in English, Hindi, and Urdu languages. One of his novels NEVER TRUST A GOD is a reflection on his philosophy of life and religion. PAANI KI MAUT, MAARIOMI etc. are his masterpieces on environmental problems.

Professor H. C. Pokhariyal, who is, currently, Executive Director of the School of Open Learning, Delhi University, has been a very well acclaimed teacher of the Department. He joined us as a reader and left the Department only to join the Lal Bahadur Shashtri Academy of Public Administration, Masoorie.