2nd International Symposium



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Internet of Things: Smart Innovation and Usages (IoT-SIU 2017)

28 Feb-01 March 2017

Organized By:

FET, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, UP, India.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is spectacularly altering our world. The marketplace for IoT, sensors, wearables, clouds, Big Data, infrastructure, and associated services is getting higher and bigger at an exceptional rate. The two-day symposium will include invited keynote and oral presentations. IoT-SIU will provide a forum for researchers and engineers in both academia and industry to exchange the latest innovations and research advancements in Innovative Computing, Communication and Automation.  IoT-SIU will also provide the chances to the attendees to identify the emerging research topics, as well as the future development directions in the field of IoT and its associated areas.


IoT-SIU 2017 is technically Co-Sponsored by TEQIP-II, MHRD and IEEE UP Section (Region 10). Papers accepted for presentation, after the double blind review process, and presented at the symposium, will be published in ISBN proceedings. This requires that all papers submitted for publication must meet a minimum standard for both print and electronic publishing.



Regular Paper Submission Deadline: January 01, 2017, February 18, 2017

Acceptance Notification: February 22, 2017

Camera Ready paper: February 23, 2017

Registration Deadline: February 23, 2017




Please submit your paper at chair.iot.siu@gmail.com. Paper template is attached.

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All the details of registration form, Registration Fees and Copy right form can be downloaded.

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Original unpublished manuscripts, and not currently under review in another journal or conference, are solicited in relevant areas including, but not limited to, the following:


High Performance and Data Computing


Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Big Data analysis and Management, Data Analytics, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Pattern Recognition, Clustering and Classification, Deep Learning, Big Data Networking Technologies, Data warehouse and applications, Graph-based Data Analysis, Intelligent Control System, Cloud as a Service, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Cloud Applications, Cloud Computing Technologies, Grid Computing, Cluster computing.


Networking and Communication


Ad hoc and wireless sensors network, Cross-layer Solutions, Delay tolerant network, Mobile computing, Internet and web applications, Wireless security system, Intrusion detection systems, RFID systems, Mobile Communication standards, Cognitive radio applications and spectrum management, Interoperability of heterogeneous wireless networks of different standards, IP multimedia subsystems (IMS), Network architectures and protocols, Radio transmission technologies, RFID networks and protocols, Wireless intelligent networks.


Intelligent Control and Devices


Wearable Devices, ubiquitous computing and systems, Nano Devices,  Spintronics , , Soft Computing , Soft Computing Devices, CMOS, MEMS, NEMS, OrganicDevices, Molecular devices, Carbon nano tubes, Graphene, Embedded and real-time software, VLSI/Embedded Systems, FPGA, Quantum Computing, Digital System & Logic Design, Human Machine Interface, Image and Video Processing, Machine Vision, Speech & Natural Language Processing, Quantum Computing, Parallel and Distributed-Computing, Medical Imaging, , Biometrics, Genetic Algorithm, Machine Learning in control applications, Soft Computing, Neural Networks based control systems, Robot Design, Human Machine interface, Intelligent control & Intelligent system, Mechatronics, Industrial Automation, Nanotechnology and Advance Manufacturing, Non  conventional and renewable energy sources, Information/System Security, Virtual Reality & Web Crawlers, Dynamic social networks, Misbehavior detection in communities, Multi- agent based social network modeling and analysis


Smart Innovation and Usage of IoT


Smart Grids, Smart Agriculture and Farming, Smart Cities, Advance Manufacturing, Smart Textiles, Augmented and Virtual Reality Interactions, 3D Printing, Smart Water, Smart Healthcare, Management of Emergencies, Retail Management, Logistics management, Industrial Management, Digital Health and Telemedicine, IoT programming toolkits and frameworks, IoT protocols and Transports, Security for IoT, Capacity building through smart and open governance, Technologies integration and network capabilities, Smart and sustainable transport system, Smart and green building technologies, Smart solutions for special needs people, Urban Entrepreneurships and challenges, Smart manufacturing and logistics, Smart environment and pollution control, Platforms for smart government, Digitalization of civic services, Data and Information infrastructure modeling, Efficient emergency responses, Security and public safety in smart cities, Future challenges in smart cities



For any Details, Please Contact:

Dr. Vinay Rishiwal

Chair-IoT-SIU 2017

Email: chair.iot.siu@gmail.com